Step 1. Borrow Your Aunt’s photos

Gather your photos of long ago.Before your Family Reunion, visit your long-lost Aunt. Borrow her photos. Send them to us for quality scanning. If she won’t lend them to you, take a laptop and scan them at her home. Ask your Aunt to name everyone in each photo. Get dates and places from her. Scan at no less than 300 DPI. Store them on CD. Then send the CD to our Family Historian and we’ll do all the detailed historian work. Your whole family will have CDs to print as many copies as they like. Organise your family to bring their photos to your family reunion. Complete Step 1 then contact the Family Historian: Hank (AT) AstuteChoices (DOT) com


Keep confidences

jt2.jpgOften old family photos are sneaked by children. Also, relatives make take valuable photos and documents upon the death of a family member. Two things to remember:

  1. They esteem old photos to be of great worth. Prove to them you will not damage or lose photos. Return them promptly.
  2. Assure them you will not tell anyone where you obtained the photo. Keep your promises.

If you take great care and don’t tell anyone about it, you’ll most likely be given permission to borrow the photos for scanning purposes.

If you still cannot get permission, then scan the documents on site. Borrow a laptop computer and a scanner. Scan all documents at 300 DPI.

  • Send all photos (or scanned images on CD) to me
  • Send them in three separate envelopes or packages.
  • Use a courier or registered letter to confirm delivery
  • Once I’ve received them they’re very safe
  • I’ll confirm receipt by email

Step 2: Take Family Reunion photos

jmo2.jpgTake many photos while at the family reunion. We’ll include them on Your Family History CD. Be sure to tell us who everyone is in each photo. The best way is to email a description for each photo. We’ll use our special photo labeling software so you’ll know who everyone is in each photo. The labels will not damage the image in any way. Take lotsa photos.

Step 3

Your family tree on CDHow To Gather Your Family History

At your family reunion, gather all the information about your ancestors. Ask your family members for your great grandparents dates of birth, marriage and death. Obtain correct spelling and place names.

Our family historian will research your family genealogy from information you gather. You’ll get it on family history software, as gedcom file and in format for you to navigate your family tree.

In addition, you’ll get a miniature, laminated, hardcopy printout inside the durable DVD case into which your FamilyHistorian CD is packaged.