8 Steps to Immortalize

1. Email the FamilyHistorian (that’s me) to discuss what you want. I’ll give you a few choices and at least two quotes.

2. Borrow photos from your long-lost-Aunt, uncle, grandfather or cousins. Promise to protect them. Promise to return them soon. Keep your promises.

3. Photograph your relatives at your family reunion. Take good, clear photos for historical purposes.
4. Gather your family history at the reunion. Especially ask for correct spelling of names and places. Get dates of births, deaths and marriages.

5. Collect payments for a copy of your family’s historical CD. Include postage and packaging costs. Keep track of who has paid.
6. Send everything to The FamilyHistorian (me) in three packages. Receive email from me confirming receipt of your precious photos and documents.

7. Wait four weeks while I create your custom-made FamilyHistorian CD.

8. Receive your original photos and documents back. Receive your master CD from The FamilyHistorian. Test it. Try it out.
Share copies with all your extended family members, those who paid you for the CD at your family reunion.

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