Keep confidences

jt2.jpgOften old family photos are sneaked by children. Also, relatives make take valuable photos and documents upon the death of a family member. Two things to remember:

  1. They esteem old photos to be of great worth. Prove to them you will not damage or lose photos. Return them promptly.
  2. Assure them you will not tell anyone where you obtained the photo. Keep your promises.

If you take great care and don’t tell anyone about it, you’ll most likely be given permission to borrow the photos for scanning purposes.

If you still cannot get permission, then scan the documents on site. Borrow a laptop computer and a scanner. Scan all documents at 300 DPI.

  • Send all photos (or scanned images on CD) to me
  • Send them in three separate envelopes or packages.
  • Use a courier or registered letter to confirm delivery
  • Once I’ve received them they’re very safe
  • I’ll confirm receipt by email

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