Gather your photos of long ago.Immortalize your Family Reunion. Immortalize means: to give lasting fame to.
Give all your relatives and family your family history on a FamilyHistorian CD.

Your FamilyHistorian CD will be created by The Family Historian and will include:

  • Coverted historical photos of your ancestors which were long-time hidden by your relatives.
  • Print-ready pictures and photos of your great grand parents, their parents and children. Photos of your parents when they were young. All in high-resolution, print-ready.
  • Diditally labelled photos so you’ll know the names of everyone in each photo, where the photo was taken and the date.
  • Your genealogy or family tree dating way back in time.
  • Digital maps of your land of ancestry.
  • Digitalized documents of your ancestors historical documents which have been stored away for years and years.
  • And much more… all custom-made on a CD.

What more valuable gift can you give your family than their heritage on a personal CD in a custom printed DVD case?

A great Christmas present for the whole family. Make as many duplicate copies as you want.

Immortalize your family reunion in 8 easy steps. We’ll do all the rest.

Runs on CD players, DVD players, and personal Computers.

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